The Transformation of Amanda BlacChyna Bynes

Lindsay who? “The Amanda Show” has gone from being remembered as a funny, spunky hit kids TV show to a day-by-day social media shit show of the nut job herself, Amanda Bynes. Amanda picked up media attention in 2012 for a few hit and runs and has since shaved half her head, tweeted to Drake;
Been arrested for seeing if her bong could fly when police entered her New York apartment and sporting a terrifying collection of discount wigs. Amanda has also added to her clearly sober and healthy lifestyle by getting two nose jobs in a matter of a month and tweeting that Rihanna deserved to be abused by Chris Brown then photo-shopping a photo of the two of them together claiming that someone hacked onto her twitter and wrote those tweets. If half your tweets are about how you’re not crazy, people might start to think you’re crazy. IDK.

The transformation that Amanda has gone through is more captivating and jaw dropping than the queen herself; Rue Paul.
The joy on Amanda’s innocent face comes from the hand job she just gave Keenan from “Keenan and Kel” in the Nickelodeon staff bathroom.
When flares were still hot, I mean from Amanda’s role in “What A Girl Wants” back in 2003.
One of the last times Amanda was caught in public being good looking and or sober.
Amanda showing early signs of substance abuse, sucking down two venti espresso fraps quicker than she did Ashton Kutchers DNA.
This outfit was literally, a red flag. It’s almost as if Ozzy Osbourne dyed his hair blonde and got caught by the paparazzi in the middle of doing The Thriller.
If you’re making a public appearance in court make sure to take tips from Amanda and;
1. Put your wig on sideways
2. Remove all fake nails except for the one on your middle finger
3. Wear a cape from the hair salon
4. Hide half your face with your wangs (wig bangs)
5. Look like a walking crack advertisement while screaming about not having a drug problem

She’s come a long way.

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